Carlotta Törnqvist
Love letter
Perfume concept; bottle, box and lookbook. The perfume is inspired by the mythical in octopuses and leave a mark on the skin as an extension of the user’s personal expression. My own photographs and patterns. Fictitious sender. Work during graphic design studies SS16.
Public Movement
Text and layout work for the Modern Museum in Malmö for the exhibition Public Movement 2017–18. Exploring movements. Advertisements, information and wall+door text. Work during internship at Amore Brand Identity Studios (A+X).
Future Fossils
Exhibition at Form/Design Center in Malmö 23.5–18.6 2018. An exhibition about today’s use of plastic to emphasize our behaviour and to point out the ability for every individual to make a difference. The exhibition invited the visitor to select a plastic item in the exhibition box. An item that they could avoid or replace with a better option. Make your mark and commit to a better future.
The magazine pincett. combines food, culture and art in one magazine. Development of concept, layout, colour and typography together in order to complement each other and create an expressive design and challenge traditional conventions. Photographs are borrowed. Work during graphic design studies AW16.
Malmö University
Branding of Malmö university. The identity reflects the university as modern, urban and a place of diversity. A university located in the city that dares to stand out from the crowd. The colours and patterns seek attention from the recipient in a fun, youthful and modern way without being childish. Work during graphic design studies SS17.
The world of Otto
Creating the mascot Otto and stickers for the Sony Mobile app Sketch and emojis available on 50 million devices. Development of 300+ different stickers in various downloadable sticker packs for Sony Sketch such as Christmas and sports themes. Sony Sketch has over 100 000 000 downloads from Google Play.
Work during 2015-2017.
Concept development of magazine where each edition addresses various environmental problems. The name issues relate to its double meaning; problem and magazine issue. The magazine aims to lift the environmental problems we see today, but also show the purely hypothetically possible environmental disasters in the future. My own photographs.
Swedish Home Guard
Development of a communicative platform, campaign + logo. With the aim of addressing a younger and wider audience with focus on every individual’s personal development and civil life. A serious tone even though it flirts with the viewer’s preconceived view on the home guard.